Welcome to PYRO 2016

The scientific program will follow the tradition of the previous PYRO symposia with only one session (no parallel sessions) including invited key notes and talks.



Work related to the following topics will be especially welcome:

 fundamental mechanisms and reactor developments for biomass, coal, petroleum and waste pyrolysis,
 pyrolysis in organic geochemistry, art and forensics, etc.
 catalytic pyrolysis,
 technical-economical and environmental assessment of pyrolysis processes and routes,
 novel sampling and analytical methods for the analysis of solid, liquid or vapour pyrolysis products,
 reactive pyrolysis (such as hydro-pyrolysis, etc.),
 synthetic polymer degradation and stability,
 other topics..

Works presenting a multi-scale approach, for instance integrating molecular to particle and reactor (or even process chain) scales, are especially welcome.

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